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Don't let your friends miss out on the great opportunities The ASDA Community offers to all ASDA predoctoral members! Share your experience about the community with others. ASDA created this private community for YOU. Use the statements below to get started: 

  • Have you ever wondered how other students cram for their finals? Curious about the transition from sim lab to clinic? The ASDA Community is your tool to discuss topics important to you with your fellow dental student members across the country – from anywhere at any time.

  • Obtain new ideas and tips from members as you navigate dental school and launch your dental career. Post a question and get answers! Some popular topics already being discussed are time management, community service, and talking to patients. 

  • Find other ASDA members to seek advice, share common challenges, and practice networking in a low-stakes environment.

  • The community is accessible only to ASDA predoctoral members, so you're in a safe, private online space. 

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