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  • Posted in: ASDA Central

    Dental school is hard in the way that schools think we have more than 24 hours per day to complete all the work. I personally enjoy taking a long shower at the end of the day to relax my sore muscles and have some quiet time. It allows things to sink ...

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    Conference Attendees

    Posted in: ASDA Central

    How does your chapter structure its conference sponsorships? Is everything covered or do you sponsor just registration? ------------------------------ Kenny Tran ------------------------------

  • Posted in: ASDA Central

    Thank you for starting this discussion, Catherine! Lately I've been feeling very lethargic and tired. I have been working on pinpointing the source of that, and it's a combination of things but they come from the overall stress of work/exams from the ...

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  • Posted in: ASDA Central

    Share what you've been doing lately to practice self-care. How do you wind down after a long day of studying or clinic? Let's help one another remember to take a few minutes just for ourselves every day. Here's an article I found helpful on academic ...

  • Posted in: ASDA Central

    Congrats to those that received engagement badges! Thank you so much Catherine!! ------------------------------ Kat Xavier ------------------------------

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